Remove ! from filenames, only process files containing ! BATCH

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#1 : 02/10-21 03:22
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I have a folder of files, some of the filenames contain a exclamation mark (!) which I want to remove, easy. However I want to do this from a batch file (also easy), but only want to process files containing an exclamation mark (!).

I have everything working except adding the "Item Mask". I have tried the -msk *!*.* in the batch file (and every combination I can think of), but I cant get AREN to select only files containing a !.

In a batch file (or cmd) "dir *!*.*" gives me the desired results.

Sample code:
"C:\Program Files\Advanced Renamer\arenc.exe" -e C:\RenRemoveExclamation.aren -t files -p "%~dp0" -msk *!*.* -o filename -m rename

Where am I going wrong? I'm sure it's something simple I'm missing.


BTW *!*.* works in the "Filename Mask" when adding to the app.

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