False File Name Too Long Error

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#1 : 11/10-21 04:30
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Hey Guys, I have been testing the Advanced Renamer for a few weeks. Everything was going well, but now the App tells me that the file name is to long and won't do any operations.

This is a false error, for I am testing a file name "TheTextFile.srt" and I have placed in multiple locations, including my desktop on Windows 10, and I still get the error. I purchased the license since I like the App and thinking this would resolve the problem, but no success for me.

I tried to email the developer, but the when I click the "email me" in the support section of this site, link, it tries to open MS outlook, which I do not have set up. I believe in any support site there should be a contact form, not a link where you have to have software like outlook set up.

Can anybody help me, please?


11/10-21 04:30
#2 : 11/10-21 09:20
David Lee
David Lee
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email hyperlinks on any web page will open in whatever application is set as default, which on your system is Outlook.

However the actual email address should appear as a pop-up when you hover over the link in your browser and you should also be able to copy it from the context (right-click) menu.

Kim's address(obtained in this way) is kj@hulubulu.dk

11/10-21 09:20
#3 : 16/10-21 20:41
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Reply to #2:
I was able to copy the email doing a right-click copy, and I emailed the administrators. I had a quick replay, where they asked me to send a screen shot. I did send them that and a detailed explanation of the issue. It's been almost a week, and haven't heard from them. I don't want to com plain but that's very poor support.

I am a paid subscriber, and yet get not support when the software stopped doing what is supposed to be doing, and all of it, in the middle of a very important project.. I am already looking for alternatives.

16/10-21 20:41