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#1 : 11/10-21 17:12
Wolfgang Paeusch
Wolfgang Paeusch
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aren is a great tool. But I have meanwhile a lot of methods and it would be helpful for me to add a comment, which helps me to remember the purpose of the method, e.g.

Method: [^\w0-9-_+!?,;#]
Comment: Helps to eliminate hebraic characters from filename

If it is already possible - thanks for a hint :-)
If not, I would like to put it as a suggestion on the wishlist ;-)



11/10-21 17:12
#2 : 11/10-21 17:47
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You can save any method or method list with a specific name that corresponds to the purpose of the method or method list. Use the icons below the renaming method list for saving or loading your specific method:

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#3 : 17/10-21 19:53
Wolfgang Paeusch
Wolfgang Paeusch
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Reply to #2:
Thanks for your answer, but this does not address my point. I have a set of methods to perform specific tasks e.g. on pictures and videos. The exif tags I need for my filename structure in pictures and videos are partly different. So I need e.g. a replace method for pictures and another one for videos. If I could add a comment for each method showing up by mouseover it would be much easier for me to decide which methods to tick for a specific batch.

The different sets of methods I use have of course different names.

17/10-21 19:53