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#1 : 20/10-21 18:07
Dustin Short
Dustin Short
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I ran into a problem when renaming large video files that used exiftool tags. Some of the tags wouldn't be read and when using the exiftool from within Advance Renamer I'd get the an error:

"End of processing at large atom (LargeFileSupport not enabled)"

You can enable large file support using exiftool normally, but there's no direct way within Advanced renamer to add arguments to the command or change settings. I did find a solution though.

You can use a normal Exif Tool Config file with advancedrenamer. All you have to do is add a ".ExifTool_config" to the program folder where ARen.exe is installed (usually C:\Program Files\Advanced Renamer\). The ExifTool website has more details on how to setup a config file and provides an example on their page. For my specific problem of large file support, all I had to do was create an empty config file and add the following lines:

%Image::ExifTool::UserDefined::Options = (
LargeFileSupport => 1,

If you use the example config from the ExifTool website, you can just add the above code to the end of the document or find the "%Image::ExifTool::UserDefined::Options" section and add "LargeFileSupport => 1," into the list of other configured options.

I hope this helps for anyone having large file problems.

20/10-21 18:07