pairing dxo photolab .dop sidecar files

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#1 : 23/10-21 23:14
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DXO Photolab creates a sidecar file with the original filename including extension, and then adds a 'dop' extension to that.
Example: original file: "image.jpg" sidecar file: "image.jpg.dop"

I would like to rename some of my image files, and the associated dop files as well, however the Pair Renaming option is not recognizing these as pairs.

The dop files need to have the same name as the image file, or Photolab will not associate them.

Any advice would be appreciated.

23/10-21 23:14
#2 : 25/10-21 08:47
David Lee
David Lee
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Just remove ".jpg" from the .dop filenames - then pair renaming will work.

Identification of pairs is based on the ORIGINAL names - so you will have to remove ".jpg" in a separate batch.

Remove pattern: ".jpg"
Apply to : Name

Rename your files as normal, in a new batch with Pair Renaming enabled

Finally put the ".jpg" back - in a third batch with Pair Renaming disabled...

Replace: ".dop"
with: ".jpg.dop"
Apply to: "Name and extension"

When you run the first two batches select "Add files" in the Progress window to save having to reload all your files for each step,

25/10-21 08:47 - edited 25/10-21 11:23