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#1 : 20/11-21 16:58
Cornelius Nyber
Cornelius Nyber
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I want to rename in my folder the folling file pairs on my SOny cam:


I found a method in the forum whiched showed how to replace the .MP4 name to get the file pairs identified. But somehow this is not working:

"You can achieve the desired result in two passes, without using a script.
Make sure that "Pair renaming" is enabled and load all your files into the list

First Pass:
Remove ".MP4" from the filenames using "Replace"...
Text to be replaced: ".MP4"
Replace with: blank
Apply to: "Name"
(The .MP4 EXTENSION will not be removed)

Run the batch and reload all the files back into the list by selecting Add files: "All items" in the "Progress" window.

Now ARen will recognize the .modd & .moff files as file pairs of the .mp4 files (since all three filenames are now identical) and so they will be renamed to match the corresponding .MP4 files.

Second Pass:
1) New Name method...
New Name: <Video Date Year><Video Date Month><Video Date Day>_<Video Date Hour><Video Date Min><Video Date Sec>.MP4
Apply to: Name
(This will leave the .MP4 filename containing a redundant ".MP4".

2) Replace method (in the same batch)...
Text to be replaced: "MP4"
replace with: blank
Apply to: "Extension"
(The .MP4 extension will be deleted whereupon the ".MP4" in the filename will become the new extension - the .modd & .moff files will remain unaffected).

Run the second batch and all done."

I struggle already on loading the files for a bunch of folders. If I use "add" per subfolder the .modd and .moff are added and with "Pair rename" AR identifies .moff as pair, but not.modd.

I I want to add all files by the directory structure with "pair rename" active only the .mp4 files are added but not the other files.

Can somebody help me how I can add all files incl the other extensions to run the mentioned script?

20/11-21 16:58
#2 : 21/11-21 11:08
David Lee
David Lee
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if you follow the instructions it will work!

Pair renaming is only relevant in the second step. Once you have removed ".mp4" from the .modd and .moff files and reloaded the files they will be correctly identified as pairs of the mp4 files.

Try reading the User Guide so that you have some idea about how the program works!

21/11-21 11:08