Rename file from BigBob#10.png to BigBob1of5#10.png

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#1 : 23/11-21 21:45
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I need to rename my files (bigbob#10.png) to be named as bigbob1of5#10.png, bigbob2of5#10.png (etc)

When i duplicate the file of BigBob#10.png (original file name) Windows names it as (bigbob#10 - copy.png) and (bigbob#10 - copy (2).png)

I have to have the #10 just before the png.

There are 5 images in the set, and mutiple sets of images in the folder. For example, the second set is: bigmama#10.png I need to do the same with these files. BigMama1of5#10.png

The naming will be 1of5, 2of5, (etc) for each set of 5 images.

Have hundreds to rename.

Ive tried for several hours the different renaming options, but i finally figured out that i need help. Thanks so kindly for directions or a script. Just starting to learn about scripts. Scott

23/11-21 21:45
#2 : 23/11-21 22:31
David Lee
David Lee
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Simplest solution is probably to use a List replace method with 5 entries...

1) Replace: (.*)(#\d*)$ with: \11of5\2
2) Replace: (.*)(#\d*) - Copy$ with: \12of5\2
3) Replace: (.*)(#\d*) - Copy \(2\)$ with: \13of5\2
4) Replace: (.*)(#\d*) - Copy \(3\)$ with: \14of5\2
5) Replace: (.*)(#\d*) - Copy \(4\)$ with: \15of5\2

Use regular expressions



1) Replace: .*\K(#\d*)$ with: 1of5\1
2) Replace: .*\K(#\d*) - Copy$ with: 2of5\1
3) Replace: .*\K(#\d*) - Copy \(2\)$ with: 3of5\1
4) Replace: .*\K(#\d*) - Copy \(3\)$ with: 4of5\1
5) Replace: .*\K(#\d*) - Copy \(4\)$ with: 5of5\1

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