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#1 : 23/12-21 05:47
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I am looking for tips on how to optimize the performance so that the AdvRenamer doesn't go non-responding on me every time I try to point it to a directory of files. I noticed the maximum number of files by default is 25,000.. and the directory I am trying to point this to has less than that number as well. It always flies through 'adding files' but then consistently locks up about 1/3 of the progress bar for Analyzing files and using less than 1% of the cpu and less than 60mb of ram.

My system is new enough to run Windows 11 (though I am using Windows 10 fully patched) with a Gen 7 i7 and 16 gigs of ram. Yet it keeps locking up on not very large directories.

What can I do to optimize the performance so it can handle this as the number I am trying is relatively small 1023) and I really was hoping to be able to process really large size batches.

I tried shutting off auto-test to see if that made a difference ( it did not ) as well as not loading up the template before hand after cleanly starting the program. In smaller direcoties with no sub-folders i can get the file list to load (slowly) and then if I load up a template it then analyzes the files AGAIN but at least doesnt lock up so far,,

Any help / thoughts?

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#2 : 23/12-21 10:15
David Lee
David Lee
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Try turning off analysis of metadata...

Programs->settings - then look under "Image files" and "Music & Video files" tabs.

23/12-21 10:15
#3 : 23/12-21 12:46
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Thanks.. I still need to utilize analyze data though in some form on my image files because the file naming comes from the Meta Data / EXIF itself.. I tried EXIFtool vs. built in and seeing same behavior and non-responding and almost no system activity... but I left it for several hours and it eventually brought up a list of files.. but I'd expect it not to go into this state and process efficiently.

I am using a DAS but I've been monitoring the disk and CPU activity on it and that has some spikes but overall is not very busy at all.

Just bought the program in last few days but is command line more efficient or would I expect similar behaviors.. or is there a debug/trace modes I can utilize to find out what is going on?

23/12-21 12:46