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#1 : 30/12-21 18:38
Joop Hermsen
Joop Hermsen
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Hi everyone,
I have the following problem; I own quite a lot of file names, but there is a difference that they are with last name first and also with first name first.
So now I want to move the part of the filename before the comma to the place for the separators. Here are 2 lines with the file name as it is and as I would like it to be, with a side note that the part before the comma varies greatly of course

Old: Baudewyns, Benny - Het madagascar debacle
New: Benny Baudewyns - Het madagascar debacle

Old: Bateman, Jackie - Dorst
New: Jackie Bateman - Dorst

There are 2 fixed places it should be based on;
A: everything before the comma is the last name
B: Before the separator ( - ) the last name must be placed back.
If no comma is present, the entire file name should remain.

Does anyone know what string I should use to get this done?

Thank you in advance.

30/12-21 18:38
#2 : 30/12-21 19:43
Joop Hermsen
Joop Hermsen
Posts: 3
Reply to #1:

Sorry guy,s

Afther some reading and using the search option i found an solution.

Thanks anyway.

30/12-21 19:43