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#1 : 04/01-22 11:15
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I have a problem hope you can help with it please.

Now I have a bunch of images (scanned Book) I need to rename its files so I can bind them in one PDF file with a specific sequence.
The problem is The Cover and the back cover are Fully Colored JPG file and the rest of the pages are in PNG file.
When I try to renumber he whole pages advanced renamer renumber each extension separately.
My book is 184 pages all are saved

images (1).jpg
images (2).png

I got

001.jpg (front Cover)
002. jpg (back cover)

What I need a sequence from 001 to 184 whatever the extension is.
Because each time I bind a book in Acrobat it combine same extensions in on sequence

Do please advice how to solve this problem?

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David Lee
David Lee
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New Name: <Inc Nr:001>

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