How to rename series titles using regular expressions to find and reorder?

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#1 : 08/01-22 18:26
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Hello everyone,
I am quite new to Advanced Renamer and I tried to figure out myself how to rename titles of the following syntax:
Seehund, Puma & Co-_Piggelti_ Ahoi (152)-0823709871.mp4
Panda, Gorilla & Co-Panda Gorilla & Co - Kindersegen (6)-0617362046.mp4
Elefant, Tiger & Co-Abschied von Rhani_ (262)-2084236602.mp4

As you can see, the syntax is
"Series name" "-" "Episode name" "Episode number in brackets" "-xxxxxxxx"

I would like to
1. put a space before and after the hyphen between series name and episode title
2. move the episode number to the beginning of the name (with or without the brackets)
3. remove the trailing identification number after the bracket ("-xxxxx").

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Thank you

08/01-22 18:26
#2 : 09/01-22 00:16
David Lee
David Lee
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Replace method...

Replace: (.*?)-(.*) \((\d*)\).*
with: \3 \1 - \2
Use regular expressions

If you want to retain the parentheses then...
with: (\3) \1 - \2

Read the User Guide!
Especially... d_replace
and... ar_expresions

09/01-22 00:16