Select all files except ones containing the string “processed”

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#1 : 09/01-22 15:40
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In command line configuration I want to select all the files except ones that contain the string “processed”.
My_File_Name.txt Selected
My_File_Name_processed.txt Not Selected

Guess I have to use the Regex item mask, but I have no idea what that Regex must look like.

If there is another (and, for Regex dummies, simpler) way to exclude files pls let me know.

09/01-22 15:40
#2 : 10/01-22 11:02
David Lee
David Lee
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Unless I'm missing something there seems to be a bug that is preventing this.

The regex ^((?!processed).)*$ works perfectly when used as a Regular Expression Match in the Add Directory dialogue (and also in renaming methods). however it fails when used as an option in a command line and all files are loaded.

Unfortunately the "Not matching" option in the Add Directory dialogue does not appear to be implemented in the command line facility.

My solution would be to load all the files from your batch file and selectively rename only the files with names not containing "processed". If renaming is complex you may need to implement the methods in a script.

10/01-22 11:02