Creating several new files from one file and incrementing the new file name

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#1 : 14/04-22 19:33
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Hello, I am trying to create several 3D step files from one 3D model file. The new files need to increment either up or down and will have numbers and letters in the file name.

Example: I have "5F4x0-xx0-USxx" as the main file and I need to create a new file and save it as "5F460-000-US0A" and another file as "5F460-001-US0A" and another file as "5F460-010-US0A" and another file as "5F460-011-US0A" and another file as "5F460-050-US0A" and so on. FYI these files will be different part numbers based on the main file.

My thought is to create a folder with all the assembly files using the Renamer and then use Inventor Task Manager to create all the step files automatically. I did figure out how to create the step files from the assembly using the Task Manager files but I need to figure out how to create several new assembly files and put them into a new folder using the Renamer. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

14/04-22 19:33
#2 : 15/04-22 10:48
David Lee
David Lee
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This doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever!

15/04-22 10:48