Replacing - symbol in certain situations

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#1 : 15/04-22 06:19
Halson William
Halson William
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Hi guys, after searching in these forums and there were no related problems like mine, so i've decided to create a new post.

So i have 1 folder with various filename pattern like this :


i need to clear (-) symbol only at the front with - symbol, so the filename after change will be like this:


the - symbol at the end of filename cannot be deleted and stay as the original filename

i tried several ways with Replace method but all of - symbol got deleted

any suggestion will be much appreciated, thanks

15/04-22 06:19
#2 : 15/04-22 10:37
David Lee
David Lee
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Your description of the problem does not make sense - it is muddled and does not correspond to all the examples given. You should define the rules that will apply to all possible desired replacements.

However, based only on the examples you have provided, you can achieve the desired results with three Replace methods...

(1) Replace: \d\K-
with: nothing
Occurrence: 1st
Use regular expressions
Removes the first hyphen following a digit.

(2) Replace: -([^-]*-)
with: \1
Use regular expressions
If there are more than one hyphens remaining in the filename the first one is removed.

3) Repeat method (2)

15/04-22 10:37 - edited 15/04-22 10:44
#3 : 22/04-22 08:25
Halson William
Halson William
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Reply to #2:
Thanks this method works if i combining with replace method 1 and 2 like you mentioned.
Sorry for not clearing up the question and making confuse.

22/04-22 08:25