to change pagenmubers sequentially

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for. example:

i have 3 folders with each containing..6,7,8 files in it.. with different pagenumbers

i want the file name to contain sequentially pagenumbers with one command

author of the book
author of the book1
author of the book 2_

I want to rename them has as follows

author of the book_pages_(1-25)
author of the book1_pages_(26-35)
author of the book 2_pages_(36-45)

are pagenumbers
how will u horizontally increment.

02/05-22 12:55
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David Lee
David Lee
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Advanced Renamed can read data from columns in a .csv file...

Type the page number ranges into separate lines of a text file and save as .csv

Then load the csv into Advanced Renamer using Menu->Import->Data from CSV...

The values from successive columns of the csv file will be available to use as tags <Csv:1>, <Csv:1> etc. (Obviously only one column in this case).

Make sure that your files are loaded into the list in the same order as the tags in the csv file then use the Replace method. (It will be safer to drag the folders into the List individually to make sure that the files are entered in the correct order) .

Replace: _?$
with: _(<Csv:1>)
Use regular expressions
Apply to: Name

Replace: _?$ is added to match (and so remove) the additional underscore in your 3rd example - "author of the book 2_" - (The question mark indicates that the preceding character "_" is optional and "$" marks the end of the filename).

If this was a typo in your examples and a terminal underscore is not expected then you could simply use the Add method...

Add: _(<Csv:1>)
AT index: 0
(NOT regular expressions)

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