Feature Request: Show only files that will have their filename changed

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#1 : 07/05-22 23:52
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I know it has been asked before and I know there are architectural challenges, but it would be really, really useful. I am frequently dealing with over 100,000 files and scrolling through the filename list to catch those not greyed out in order to preview the change is both tiresome and prone to error.

07/05-22 23:52 - edited 07/05-22 23:53
#2 : 08/05-22 13:45
David Lee
David Lee
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Rather than displaying only filenames that will be changed a better approach would be to load only those files into the list in the first place.

Populate the List using "Add Directories" and apply a Regular expression mask that will match only the filenames that need to be changed.

08/05-22 13:45