Pair renaming option missing in settings dialog

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#1 : 17/05-22 18:43
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Hi all,

I want to set the rename file pairs option to "off", but this option is not shown in my version 3.88 on Windows 10 (as described in user guide).

Is there a possibility to show this option in settings dialog?

As a workaround in a batch method I can set pairrename with an editor from
pairrename=1 to

That works fine for me :-)

17/05-22 18:43
#2 : 18/05-22 10:13
David Lee
David Lee
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The File pair option was moved to the main window in Version 3.84 (8 Oct 2018)

Unfortunately the User Guide has not caught up but you can find details of recent updates on the "What's New" page: =in%20the%20list.,Version%203.84 &#44&#82118.%20oct.%202018

The Pair renaming option is now on the toolbar above the filename list.

18/05-22 10:13 - edited 18/05-22 10:40
#3 : 19/05-22 10:53
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Reply to #2:

Hi David,

There it is, it seems i need new glasses ;-)

Thank you for your help.

19/05-22 10:53