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#1 : 21/06-22 20:22
Wolfgang Paeusch
Wolfgang Paeusch
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I use Advanced Renamer portable version. Every time I start AR I am asked for my license key which I then enter and everthing works fine. I would like to store my license key where AR is able to find it and start it as a registered version.

Any hints where to store it?

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21/06-22 20:22
#2 : 22/06-22 20:26
Wolfgang Paeusch
Wolfgang Paeusch
Posts: 4
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Solved :-)
Don't know, why the license key has not been stored in version 3.88.1

- Reinstalled Version 3.87
- Registered the license key successfully (in the bottom line appeared "Registered for ... (personal use)"
- Copied Version 3.87 ...\Data\lic.ini to Version 3.88.1 ...\Data\lic.ini
- After start of aren 3.88.1 the registration info appeared in the bottom line

22/06-22 20:26
#3 : 04/07-22 20:35
Jochen Kreitz
Jochen Kreitz
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I have this problem too. Unfortunately, the system tells me that there are problems with the connection to the server.



04/07-22 20:35