Newbie question: How to remove the '/' character

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#1 : 30/06-22 06:45
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You'll have to excuse me for asking such a simple question, but I've been trying to substitute the '/' character in the name of a file series for a long time and I can't.

Surely it is the simplest with the potential of this tool.

I've read the entire manual and I can't find a way.

Thank you


30/06-22 06:45
#2 : 01/07-22 08:55
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The '/' character is not allowed by the Windows OS.

01/07-22 08:55
#3 : 02/07-22 15:03
David Lee
David Lee
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That isn't a very helpful comment given that JA is asking how to remove a "/" character that already exists in a filename!

Granted, the solidus character "/" (ASCII 47 / Unicode 002F) is invalid for use in Windows filenames. However other Unicode characters ARE permitted and these include:

Division Slash: "∕" (U+2215)
Fraction Slash: "⁄" (U+2044)
Combining Long Solidus Overlay "̸" (U+0338)
Combining Short Solidus Overlay "̷" (U+0337)

(Note that the "combining" characters are intended to overlay the preceding characters, if supported by an application (eg "O̸" = "Ø")

Thus "Div ∕ Frac⁄ Long ̸̸ Short ̷ .txt" is a perfectly acceptable Windows filename!

It seems likely that some Smart-Alec may have used one of these characters (likely to be Division or Fraction) to introduce a "slash" into filenames. If so, the easiest way to remove (or replace) them will be to select and copy the offending character from a filename and paste it into a Replace method in Advanced Renamer.

Alternatively select "Use regular expressions" and enter the Unicode number of the character directly in the format "\x{2215}" etc.

To remove or replace any of the above characters you can use the regular expression:

If you need to remove multiple instances in the same filename then be sure to select:
Occurrence: All

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