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#1 : 08/08-22 11:35
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I have looked in the forums but still unsure,

I would like to rename files\Folders
They look like: family something something

Would like it to look like:

A Movie That I Once Knew (1995)

I have worked out how to remove the full stops and add spaces, but cant add brackets around the date or delete everything after the date.


08/08-22 11:35
#2 : 08/08-22 11:53
David Lee
David Lee
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Replace: .*\K(\d{4}).*
with: (\1)
Use regular expressions

08/08-22 11:53
#3 : 08/08-22 23:22
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Reply to #2:
Thank you very much for this.
For some reason it doesn't remove the full stops, but i created a separate rule for that to work.
I really appreciate your time

08/08-22 23:22