Feature request: Filter/sort by affected/unaffected items

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#1 : 09/08-22 11:08
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Some times I'm working with a large number of files, and I want to make sure they all conform to some pattern. Say I have 10k files loaded, and 5 of them needs to change, but I don't know which ones beforehand.

It would be very helpful to be able to quickly see all (un)affected items.

The most natural ways I can think of to achieve this is to be able to bring them to the top of the list, which could be done by adding a column with a true/false which we could use for sorting.

Or to add another function under the "List" button; "Remove unaffected items" which would leave only the 5 items in question.

Is this something that you would consider to add?

Thanks for a great product!

09/08-22 11:08