Flagging any files that contain unwanted characters

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#1 : 21/08-22 15:32
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I'd like to be able to flag any files that contain unwanted charactersà
(This would require the creation of an exhaustive list of desired characters by me).

For example, in my case, I only use lowercase and uppercase Latin letters without diacritics (a-z, A-Z), numerals (0-9), hyphen (-) and underscore ( _ ).

Is there a way to do this?

Thanks !

21/08-22 15:32
#2 : 13/09-22 06:27
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Reply to #1:
The desired list is not so long. 26 x 2 + 10 +2. So make copies of the files, delete the desired characters and if anything is left then that file name contains undesired characters.

Just my first thought. Much refinement needed. For example, you do not say what it is to "flag" a file.

Maybe files that pass the test get filename restored and then moved to Folder A and those that fail get filename restored and moved to folder B?

13/09-22 06:27 - edited 13/09-22 06:30