assumed err in forum-UI // api-api?

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#1 : 27/08-22 08:27
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Hi, after starting a search-the-forum, a proper first page, eg " orum_cat_id=1&search=api" will be delivered - but under the button for page2 lurks a " _cat_id=1&page=2" instead of the correct " _cat_id=1&search=api&page=2" ;. Sorta nasty to insert the missing piece each time... [Firefox|Win7]


" d_script" says ""item" is an object representing an item in the list and contains every piece of information Advanced Renamer knows"

Of course it is possible to extract the naming of the known via Object.keys() or else and start playing around - but is there anywhere in this forum a list of useable properties/methods of item/app with a bit more info about this elements? Apparently I am not able to find what I want :( at least not beyond " le_scripting" and some forum-answers, both strictly restricted.

Apropos 'not able to find': the help-promising question mark in the AR-window poping up after 'Show in window...' crashes into a 404 with " twindow".


Thx for years of massive help in bulk-renaming!

27/08-22 08:27