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#1 : 06/11-22 11:29
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Hi. New user here. I'm interested in renaming all of my many digital image files.

I've played around with Renamer and I can see how to rename individual folders and how to rename files in individual folders - one folder at a time.

However, is it possible to rename files in lots of folders at the same time, rather than selecting just files in an individual folder, renaming them, then going to the next folder, selecting it's files, renaming them etc.

I hope I've explained that well enough. Thanks.

06/11-22 11:29
#2 : 06/11-22 12:56
David Lee
David Lee
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Read the User Guide!

06/11-22 12:56
#3 : 06/11-22 15:53
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Reply to #2:

I assure you that I had read the User Guide before posting and I've read it again since.

I still can't find any reference to my being able to select a number of folders and then getting the files within them renamed automatically.

Having said that, I've now poked around and found that if I select the Rename Files tab, then in the Add dropdown, select Directories, I can select a group of Folders. This then presents me with a list of all the files within those Folders and I can run the rename action I choose on them.

So that seems to have answered my question. I still can't see that mentioned in the User Guide though. Perhaps you could point out where it says how to do that?

Also, why use the word Directories, rather than Folders?

06/11-22 15:53