Extract Date from File Name insert into EXIF Creation Date

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#1 : 11/11-22 23:11
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I have many WhatsApp pictures where the creation date is embedded in the filename but NOT in the Exiif Taken / created / digitized date fields, exif information is empty.

Sample Name of Files:

I would like to extract / copy the date Year 2019 Month 10 Day 14 and insert / paste it in the Ex-if
as Taken Original data field.


As you can see the time code is lost as well, but it could just be a sequential number within the same taken date or extracted from the file name from the "WA000*" Pattern or just left blank.

I have tried Exif tool and now advanced rename, but no luck so far.

11/11-22 23:11
#2 : 12/11-22 10:37
David Lee
David Lee
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Advanced Renamer can only READ Exif tags, so this is not possible directly.

However, you can use a Timestamp method to set the Date Created (or Modified) according to the filename pattern and then use the stand-alone version of Exiftool to copy this timestamp to the desired Exif tag.

Simply set the Filename pattern to <Year><Month><Day>

This will set the date but leave the time created unchanged. If you want to "unset" the created time, then first set it to zero in a previous Timestamp method: select "Absolute date and time" and enter 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0 for Y, M, D, h, m, s.

Search the Exiftool forum for the second part of the solution.

12/11-22 10:37