Using a script to change spelled out date to YYYY-MM-DD format

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#1 : 15/11-22 01:16
Thumper Strauss
Thumper Strauss
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I have hundreds of files that were name in this format:

Meeting Minutes (December 14, 2020).pdf
Meeting Minutes (August 24, 2020).pdf
Meeting Minutes (November 9, 2020).pdf

I would like to rename them:

Meeting Minutes 2020-12-14.pdf
Meeting Minutes 2020-08-24.pdf
Meeting Minutes 2020-11-09.pdf

I can figure out how to replace "December" with "12" and so on. And then use the move characters around so that it appears in YYYY-MM-DD format. But there must be a clever way to do that with a script. Is there a way?

15/11-22 01:16
#2 : 15/11-22 14:36
David Lee
David Lee
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Reorder with a Replace method, using a regular expression...

Replace: (.* )\(([^ ]*) (\d+), (\d+)\)
with: \1\4-\2-\3
Use regular expressions

Then add a List replace method to convert months to numeric, with one line for each month...

Replace: January with: 1
Replace: February with: 2
Replace: December with: 12

15/11-22 14:36