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#1 : 20/11-22 06:50
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I have a folder A that has 10 files, and folder B has 10 files. How can I rename all files in folder A (destination) to be the same as 10 files in folder B (source)?

E.g. folder A has 10 subtitle files (.srt)
And folder B has 10 video files (.mp4)

I need to rename all those subtitle files to match the video file name so the media player can play it automatically, but to do it manually by pressing F2, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V is quite painful.

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#2 : 20/11-22 12:55
David Lee
David Lee
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Load your video files and sort into order if necessary.

Add a List method and click "Populate list" to enter the filenames into the method list.

Clear the Filename list, load your subtitle files and ensure that they are in the correct order to match your list of video files.

Run the batch and the subtitle files will be renamed corresponding to the names of the video files.

20/11-22 12:55