Using list to rename photos

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#1 : 20/12-22 19:48
Jackie Sandberg
Jackie Sandberg
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I am trying to rename a photo using a .csv file to replace the names on the photos. I want to know if there is a way to load a list of photos by their names, ex: 123.jpg, 345.jpg, 456.jpg and so on. Then create a csv file that has that number associated with a person's name. I think I can do this but the photos have to be in the exact order as their associated number on the csv file. I want to know if Advanced Renamer can "match" the numbers and then replace the name with the name that I have assigned to the associated number. I hope that makes sense.

20/12-22 19:48
#2 : 21/12-22 00:17
David Lee
David Lee
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Your question is not completely clear. However, based on your examples, the solution would appear to be "Import -> Files from CSV..."

See port

21/12-22 00:17