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#1 : 22/12-22 11:07
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I been using advanced renamer for some years now and I like to ask if the following naming is possible

1- how to rename new files with numbering sequence after existing sequence?
in a folder called "D:\project1\" I have the following files already:

then in the subfolder called "D:\project1\newart" I have the following files already:

I want to rename those unamed files with the same as the ones above and move them from "D:\project1\newart" to the parent directory "D:\project1\"

so it would be

I have this scenario for thousands of folders (project1, project2, etc.) and their "art" subfolders so I want Advanced Renamer to detect if there is already files in the parent directory and detect the last number in the file name, rename the files in the subfolder with the same sequence and move them to the parent directory

I know that I can use something like <DirName:1><Inc NrDir:x> where I need to change x based on how many art I already have, but that would be a lot of manual change work to achieve this for this huge number of folders.

2- how to add folders with specific name?

so in this case I have another huge collection of folders and subfolders with different names. I only want to add the subfolders with the name "newcollection" to Advanced Renamer so I can rename them something else.

I know I can use Windows Explorer to search for them, but due to huge amount of folders, it takes a lot of time and I am afraid of errors due to manual search and select of folders

I hope these issues are understandable and can be solved

thanks in advance

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