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#1 : 24/12-22 12:17
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I'm a new user of advanced renamer and wonder if it could solve this issue.

I have a bunch of mp3 files that have no ID3 tags.

However they are named in the following pattern:

track. artist - title
eg 01. The Beatles - Two Of Us

I was wondering if the filename parts could be copied into the the appropriate metadata fields.

This is the opposite of file renaming but I'm hoping it can be done.


24/12-22 12:17
#2 : 04/01-23 17:32
David Lee
David Lee
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Advanced Renamer uses ExifTool but only has read access to tags. You will have to use another application - the full version of ExifTool is available free from

It looks confusing when you first encounter it but there is a lot of help available on the ExifTool Forum with responses from the author (Phil Harvey). Best to use a Google Search.

04/01-23 17:32