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#1 : 21/06-13 17:56
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First of all thank you very much for the great app!

Could you please clarify for me which EXIF fields are used for which date in case <Img Date> is used.

ExitTool v.9.31 shows that there the following EXIF dates in my jpg files and my guess is that the mapping is the following:
<ExifTool:ModifyDate> ---> Date Taken
<ExifTool:DateTimeOriginal> ---> Date Original
<ExifTool:CreateDate> ---> Date Digitized

It's just I had an issue trying to rename a dozen of image files taken on the same day using <Img Date> tag:
<Img Year>.<Img Month>.<Img Day> - <Img Hour>.<Img Min>.<Img Sec>
In Settings --> Image file --> Date taken was selected.

After using the rename mask one of file had a different date than the other files.
And the only difference was the date in <ExifTool:ModifyDate> for that file.

I also noticed that I had to restart Aren.exe for the change in Settings --> Image file --> Date... to take effect.
Might be worth mentioning in the manual - which is found very useful otherwise.


21/06-13 17:56
#2 : 23/06-13 10:56
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Exif dates are always subject of much confusion. Unfortunately the dates are stored in many different ways. If just the camera manufactors would be consistent.

23/06-13 10:56
#3 : 26/06-13 09:57
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Thank you very much for reply.

1. I understand there might be inconsistency at manufacturers side, but regardless of that what does Aren look for in Exif fields when it wants to check PhotoTaken date?

2. Could you please help me to understand why Aren can't see ANY of the exif dates in some files although the dates are there and can be seen with ExifTool?



Comment to 2:
The files above were added via drag and drop from Total Commander.
When I later tried to add them via Aren internal Folder Panel - All files had an Exif date read OK.

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