Renaming files from USB -Phone folders

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#1 : 31/12-22 11:39
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When you load the files from a USB connection, its showing the path as C:\program files\AdvancedRanamer\ although the files are in the USB location phone location?

When you try to rename, it shows error than files not found on c:\program files\AdvancedRenamer

How can you get around this without having to copy everything to the local machine again?

31/12-22 11:39
#2 : 31/12-22 15:22
David Lee
David Lee
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It probably depends upon how your phone is connecting to the PC. My old Samsung 'phone appears as an USB drive in Windows Explorer on my PC and 'Renamer has no problems renaming files at this location.

Likewise with files on my network hard drive, which I believe is a Linux based Samba share.

How does your phone show up in Windows Explorer (under "This PC")? Do you see a drive letter (eg "G:\") or a share location (eg "\\sharename\").

31/12-22 15:22