Alternative way of saving method list?

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#1 : 14/01-23 18:04
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Maybe a button that just saves the method list as a new file as [year-month-date-hour-minute-sec].aren in the documents folder or something.
Only reason I ask is because sometimes explorer gets funky when it's been open awhile with a lot of folders too. I assume it's explorer since the current save method list opens file explorer to save .aren files.

Backstory: This doesn't happen all the time but it's happened twice where I've made a lot of changes and go to save the method list as an .aren file but when I double click my existing .aren file that stores all my current methods, It pops the dialog up "DEFAULTMETHODS.aren already exists. Do you want to replace it?" without the [Yes][No] buttons at the bottom, I tried spam clicking where they would be, I tried enter/space to press yes or no, I tried tab to select yes or no before entering, I tried alt + y and alt + n to select it, I tried ctrl + w, alt+f4, esc and other stuff to try to close the dialog box but nothing happens, I tried spamming the keyboard but nothing helps it either and it just locks the explorer window and advancedrenamer window so the only thing I can do is kill it in task manager.

(Also incredible program)

14/01-23 18:04