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#1 : 03/02-23 17:07
Todd S
Todd S
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Hi guys,

I'm stumped on this basic renumbering situation. I'm trying to add a numbered item into a list of files with existing numbers and I keep getting the "Possibility of multiple files with same name" error, even though the New Filename column shows the correct numbering I want. The new file I want to insert as -06 is currently labelled as -00.

What am I doing wrong?

03/02-23 17:07
#2 : 04/02-23 08:32
David Lee
David Lee
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Files are renamed sequentially down the list. Whilst there would be no duplicate filenames in your target state, they would occur during renaming. Renaming WA-00 to WA-06 would fail because there is already another file with that name - and so on down the list, except the last item.

You will have to rename the files with two passes of Renamer. In the first pass add something to the filenames to prevent duplicate names and then remove the temporary text in a second pass.

One possibility is to manually increase the length of zero-padding in the first pass of the Renumber method. Then you can use the Renumber method again in a second pass to reset zero-padding...

Change to: Relative to existing number
Number difference: 0

04/02-23 08:32