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#1 : 04/03-23 02:54
Mick Burke
Mick Burke
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I downloaded the subtitles for a TV show, and want to remove part of the designation on the files.
The files are named:

Where S0X= the season number and e0x = the episode number (and of course the title of the episode).

I want to select all the files and then remove the .DVDRip.720p.byzommie from all of the files.

So far I've only used the app to rename image files, and add the date and time to them (which was really easy to do) so I have not the first clue how to accomplish this, or even where in the app I would do it. I saw some other questions that sounded similar and had answers, but I don't know the app well enough to translate them into what to actually do and where.

Any suggestions are much appreciated!

04/03-23 02:54
#2 : 04/03-23 08:07
David Lee
David Lee
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You should easily be able to work this out for yourself if you read the User Guide!

You can use a Remove pattern method. However the details depend upon how specific is your example.

If the section to be removed always begins with ".DVDRip" then you can use...

Pattern: .DVDRip.*
Use regular expressions
Apply to: Name

At the other extreme you can use "." as a separator to remove the final three sections...

Pattern: \.[^\.]*\.[^\.]*\.[^\.]*$

04/03-23 08:07