replace with (name of directory, but without extension)

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#1 : 08/03-23 22:59
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Hello ,

the files i§d like to rename should take the name of the respective directories;
unfortunately (or luckily), those directories all carry the ending

now i have the rule



(replace with)


but would like that file gets the name of the directory, but the file extension truncated.

should be possible.
(without batch renaming the directories first, since the .eyetv ending of the directories is useful for other programs)

08/03-23 22:59 - edited 08/03-23 23:00
#2 : 09/03-23 08:11
David Lee
David Lee
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This is trivial - read the User Guide!!!

New Name: <DirName>


Remove pattern: .eyetv

09/03-23 08:11