rename files based on original file name

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#1 : 26/06-13 20:00
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I have thousands of email files and want to have them renamed.
Current format:
Viewed in windows explorer under NAME column
yyyy-mm-dd hhmm sendername subject.msg

I want to make it:

yyyy-mm-dd hhmm under NAME column
sendername under AUTHOR column
subject under the SUBJECT column

26/06-13 20:00
#2 : 26/06-13 21:03
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Reply to #1:

Advanced Renamer can modify the file NAME, but
can not change meta data to be displayed in explorer columns.

So you can change the NAME

yyyy-mm-dd hhmm sendername subject.msg

yyyy-mm-dd hhmm.msg

If you want that, just tell me...


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26/06-13 21:03