Capitalization problem in file naming

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#1 : 18/03-23 00:03
Baki UÄŸur
Baki UÄŸur
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I wrote about a similar problem last week. User #David Lee was helpful and problem solved.

To put it in its simplest form, I need to capitalize the words after the @ sign - up to the "hyphen" sign. Or after the word that comes after the @ sign - if there is no "hyphen" I need to make them all BIG.

You can read the following to tell you more.

My previous problem was converting text like ( Xxx - Xxx - Xxx ) in parentheses to this ( XXX - Xxx - Xxx ) in parentheses. I made it thanks to #David Lee. #David Lee gave me the codes (^[^-]*-) and \U1 for this issue and it was resolved.

What I want to do now is have "@" marked places in filenames. All my content has similar loop. For example, the code above did the following: Filename changed from this ( XXX - Xxx Xxx @ Xxx ) to this ( XXX @ Xxx - Xxx @ Xxx ) in parentheses.

It should look like the following. This " : " sign is used for toggling. !

XXX @ Xxx - Xxx : XXX @ XXX - Xxx
XXX - Xxx @ Xxx : XXX - Xxx @ XXX

Filenames can be very long or short, but the structure is similar in all of them.

Let me summarize briefly for you to understand in more detail. The first sentence is a NAME, and the next - the message from that person after "dash". Another NAME comes after the "@" sign. I'm trying to capitalize all the nouns in the sentence. There is an "@" sign before all nouns except at the beginning of sentences. So after this sign it should be capitalized until a "hyphen" and/or sentence end.

Thanks in advance to everyone who reads and helps.

18/03-23 00:03
#3 : 18/03-23 07:58
David Lee
David Lee
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Reply to #1:

Just change the regular expression to match a string of all characters except "-", starting with "@"

Text to be replaced: (@[^-]*)
Replace with: \U1
Use regular expressions

18/03-23 07:58
#4 : 18/03-23 15:23
Baki UÄŸur
Baki UÄŸur
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Reply to #3:
You saved my life again. Thank you very much.

18/03-23 15:23