NEF sorting based on DateTimeOriginal

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#1 : 26/03-23 19:40
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The tool looks good, but i have an issue. My file naming convention is YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS_CCCC and the extension. CCCC is a incrementing numbering after sorting based on the capture time. My files are JPG and NEF (Nikon's raw format).

To create my desired file name I have to use the tool twice. First, I rename the file to include the original date and time in the filename to be able to sort for the numbering. This step would be skipped if the tool could display the NEF's capture time in the Date Taken column. Even if I set what Exif field to be used in the settings.

Is there any way to show the NEF's capture date in the Date Taken column?


26/03-23 19:40
#2 : 11/04-23 19:25
Bart Kestelyn
Bart Kestelyn
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Hi Peter,
why don't you use <ExifTool:ShutterCount> for the CCCC part? It's what I do, using 2 Nikon bodies, with a similar file naming convention.

11/04-23 19:25