How to load filenames with specific format?

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#1 : 28/03-23 03:23
Tom Gehring
Tom Gehring
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I'm in the process of working with a massive archive of images (over 120,000 in this subset alone) and trying to add only files that have a filename with the following format: 1234-5678.jpg. The files have several different image format extensions, not just .jpg. There are some .webp and .tiff files in there, so I can't assume the extension is only 3 characters.

I've tried several different PCRE expressions in the regular expression match box and can't get any to work. Does anyone have any suggestions?

28/03-23 03:23
#2 : 28/03-23 20:03
David Lee
David Lee
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Add Directories...

Select a folder from the list

"Include subfolders", if necessary.

"Regular expression match": ^\d{4}-\d{4}\.

That will match a string of 4 digits + a hyphen + 4 digits, starting at the beginning of the filename and ending with "."

Alternatively you can drag a root folder containing all your desired files into the list.

Select "Add the files in the folders" and "Include subfolders" (if necessary).

Then use the same regex.

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