Would like Dark Mode Please?

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#1 : 31/03-23 07:04
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Would very much appreciate a dark mode. Find it difficult to use this software as it strains my eyes.

I no this has been asked before but could not reply to existing posts for some reason. And only purchased this software recently.


31/03-23 07:04
#2 : 01/04-23 07:49
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Created a dark theme for this site if anybody cares.

https://userstyles.world/style/9147/advancedrena mer-com-dark

01/04-23 07:49
#3 : 27/04-23 00:26
Ryan McGinty
Ryan McGinty
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Reply to #1:

I would love this too because I work on my laptop a lot at night while my wife is asleep. I have my laptop brightness turned ALL the way down and it is still too bright on a full white window.

That said, based on what I've seen I believe that the app is written in Delphi (or C++Builder) and theming the app requires not only newer versions of the IDE, but EVERY component has to support theming too. Starting a new app using all the latest stuff and supporting theming from the start is definitely doable, but when the app is existing and theming wasn't really a goal at the time, it is a pretty significant undertaking to add that ability...

Full disclosure: As much as I love dark mode and I sigh when something doesn't have it, my own apps written in older versions of Delphi don't have the ability either... So, I can't complain too much haha.


27/04-23 00:26