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#1 : 25/04-23 01:26
Antonio M. Yoshimaru
Antonio M. Yoshimaru
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I've always used Advanced Ranamer for bulk file renaming. I was even able to use Regular Expression. But I am not able to rename folders.

When I select Remove patterns and Rename Folders, and then Add, the listview only lists one folder, it doesn't list the folders to rename.

Am I doing something wrong?


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#2 : 25/04-23 09:18
David Lee
David Lee
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Selecting "Folders" from the "Add" dropdown launches the "Add Directory" dialogue which will only add the selected folder to the list.

If you wish to add the subfolders then select "Folder Panel". This will toggle a new File Explorer panel to the right of the screen. Select a folder from this panel and click "Add selected". This will launch an "Add Folder" dialogue with options that will allow you to include sub-folders.

Alternatively you can drag a folder into Advanced Renamer from Windows Explorer and the "Add Folder dialogue will appear.

If "Explorer Context Menu" has been enabled in Settings you can right-click a file or folder in Windows Explorer and select "Add to Advanced Renamer) which will also launch the "Add Folder" dialogue. However, in this case, selected files or folders will be opened in a new instance of Advanced Renamer.

25/04-23 09:18
#3 : 28/04-23 22:10
Antonio M. Yoshimaru
Antonio M. Yoshimaru
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Thanks!!! :) :)

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