Action: Insert, filenames not the same length

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#1 : 06/05-23 20:25
Peter Rehor
Peter Rehor
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Hello,short question:

- many files in 1 folder, filenames have different length
- all files have filetype 'jpg'

- Action: insert date (manual input) before the ending '.jpg'

Can this be done?

Solved: I found the 'Apply to name and extension' button, plus 'Add' at position n / Backwarts.
Used for adding own creation date for groups of pictures without chaning the first part of the filename.


06/05-23 20:25 - edited 07/05-23 15:19
#2 : 07/05-23 10:23
David Lee
David Lee
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This question does not seem to make any sense!
Why do you need to use Advanced Renamer to insert a date MANUALLY into a filename?
Just select the filename in Windows Explorer and type in the date!

You need to give us some further explanation.

07/05-23 10:23