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#1 : 23/05-23 06:54
Greg Larson
Greg Larson
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A while back I downloaded Advanced Renamer and I really like using it because it works great and easy to use! I was so impressed I purchased a license key for personal use and entered into the dialog box and clicked on Apply I got a message "error communicating with the server".

So I checked out the program and the web address in the program does not match the current Advanced Renamer website, The address in the program starts with "www.http://" so the program
will not link up with your now secured server.

In the meantime I've been closing out the registration dialog box to use the program.

It would be nice to use Advanced Renamer without having to continually close out the registration dialog box.

My question is how can I register my license?

Advanced Renamer - Personal License Order #45140690

Thanks in advance,


23/05-23 06:54
#2 : 23/05-23 15:15
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
Are you using the latest version?

Note, if you are using Windows 7, you cannot activate the license key in the program. Instead write me an email and I will help you out.

23/05-23 15:15