Test first 4 characters for "The ", then delete them.

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#1 : 26/05-23 21:38
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Preface: Yes, I used the search feature. I'm just as surprised as you are, but I couldn't find a single thread asking how to remove "The " from the very beginning of file names, contextually.

Situation: I have ~350 MP3 files. Some of them have "The " at the very beginning of the artist name, like "The Rembrandts", and I'm trying to get Advanced Renamer to test the first four characters and remove "The " if it exists.

These files are mixed in with hundreds of others that do not begin with "The ", and I want Advanced Renamer to leave those files alone.

26/05-23 21:38
#2 : 27/05-23 09:59
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Uncheck all MP3 files and select the files starting with "The".

27/05-23 09:59
#3 : 27/05-23 20:18
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I figured it out.

Remove Pattern
"^The " without quotes, minding the space at the end.
Use Regular Expressions

The ^ forces regex to test only the beginning of the file name.

27/05-23 20:18