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#1 : 12/07-13 17:20
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i would like to rename a bunch auf mp4 video files. The internal tags of that mp4-container are properly filled out field eg. Filmname, Genre, Recordingdate etc.

How can one use for example the filmname-tag.field from inside the mp4-container (visible by using VLC or MediaInfo) to rename the file?

Thanks for this great piece of software!

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#2 : 16/07-13 20:43
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Advanced Renamer does not have native support for this field at the moment. Until it gets support for it you can use ExifTool to retrieve many information about media files. Try to add the file, select it and click the ExifTool button in the Item Information box. Locate the field you want to use, select it and click the Copy button. Now you can insert the copied tag into any tag-supported field, like in the New Name method.

I hope this works for you.

16/07-13 20:43
#3 : 24/07-13 18:25
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Sorry, for my very late feedback.

This works for me! Thanks!

24/07-13 18:25