Add/ deduct from a Substring Value

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#1 : 14/06-23 14:23
Flip Aus
Flip Aus
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Hi everyone,

I have a file with this pattern: PXL_20230305_155417718

I want to have it in this pattern: 2023-03-05 15.54.17

So i used this method: <Substr:5:4>-<Substr:9:2>-<Substr:11:2> <Substr:14:2>.<Substr:16:2>.<Substr:18:2>

So far not a problem. My problem is: that the timecode is one hour behind the actual time. So I would need to add a+1 to <Substr:14:2>.
I want it to look like that: 2023-03-05 16.54.17

Is there any solution?

Thanks in advance!

14/06-23 14:23