odd result with time - Windows time stamp issue?

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#1 : 30/08-23 18:01
Richard Merchant
Richard Merchant
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I've been modifying some file names using the date / time stamp feature.

An odd result followed this "add" command: <Year Modified><Month Modified><Day Modified>_<Hour Modified><Min Modified>

The Hour is off by one hour from the file's time stamp... I guess this is a Windows issue, something about how it uses 'universal time' and daylight savings times issues... It's weird, it's potentially a problem but I guess it is something that should be noted...

I saw this problem also just looking at the file using the 'properties' tag: the file in Explorer shows, for example, a time of 1:16:44 PM but in the 'properties' box the Created: tag is 12:16:44 PM. Anyone dependent on searching by file time could be stymied!

30/08-23 18:01