Question: Which regex library is used?

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#1 : 31/08-23 00:25
Keith Jones
Keith Jones
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...and a quick question (which may have been asked already oops!) :-)

Which regex variant does Advanced Renamer use? I've noticed that most of the MSDN documented stuff ( c%28v=vs.110%29.aspx) works so there's a lot of power available that isn't directly documented. It would be cool to know where to look for a full list. There's some pretty cool hidden features like; word boundaries, punctuation and unicode support, that are making my regex expressions much more useful. :-)


PPS: Some documentation on the Javascript api would be cool to have too. Somedays, regex just ain't enough :-)

31/08-23 00:25
#2 : 31/08-23 15:57
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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When using regular expressions, most stuff works in all implementation, but some of the more advanced features might only be available when certain libraries and sometimes only in a certain context.
Advanced Renamer uses the PCRE library for regular expressions. A guide can be found here: ar_expresions

31/08-23 15:57