Transpose year in title to YEAR tag?

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#1 : 03/09-23 16:21
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So, I've got a bunch of files I've been having to manually look up the release year for. I've been going in on each file name and adding the year in brackets at the end of the file name, like this:

Artist - Song Title (1967).ext

What I want to do is create a filter that will read the year from within the file name and save it to the Year and Date tag - without having to edit each file's tags individually.

I'm aware Picard is a thing, but these tracks are files that did not produce results in Picard.

Can anybody help me with this?

03/09-23 16:21
#2 : 04/09-23 13:24
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Advanced Renamer is not a tag editor.
Your job can be accomplished by Mp3Tag. Select "Filename -Tag" from Convert menu and use this string: %artist% - %title% (%year%)

04/09-23 13:24